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I developed Yoga for Real Seniors© in 2013 to bring the benefits of a committed yoga practice to seniors with extremely limited mobility and/or memory function.

When I began working with seniors at an assisted living facility in 2012, I tried my best to find teaching resources aimed at this group. However, all the manuals and information on “senior yoga” that I found were suited for persons still able to get up 

and down out of a chair -- and still fully lucid. I had a class full of people with walkers and wheelchairs, replaced hips, hearing impairments, as well as various stages of Parkinson'€™s and Alzheimer's diseases and dementia, among other conditions.

Over time, I found ways to adapt breathwork, meditation and seated postures to make this practice ideal for those coping with impaired memory, chronic pain and illness and other geriatric conditions. -- Mary Jacobson (Fatehbir Kaur)